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Academic Requirements

Q: What is the lowest grade that will be used for a course to count as a core course?
A: The lowest Grade we accept at Lighthouse Christian Academy is an 80%.

Q: How is my core-course GPA calculated?
A: Your core-course GPA is the average of your best grades achieved for all required core courses. If you have taken extra core courses, those courses will be used to calculate your GPA, only if they improve your GPA.

Q: May independent-study, internet and correspondence courses count as core courses?
A: Yes, as long as the following four conditions are met:
·      The course meets core-course requirements
·      You and the instructor have access to each other during the course so that the instructor can teach, evaluate and
          provide assistance to you
·      Appropriate academic authorities evaluate your work according to the high school’s academic policies
·      The course is acceptable for any student to take and is placed on your high-school transcript.

Q: May college courses count as core courses?
A: Yes, a college course may be used as a core course if it is accepted by your high school and if the course:
·      Would be accepted for any other student;
·      Is on your high-school transcript (Division 1 only); and
·      Meets all other requirements for a core course.

Q: When may I enroll my student?
A: Lighthouse Christian Academy is a year round school. You may enroll your student at any time.

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