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Parents who are struggling with Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, and learning impaired teens are often concerned with placing their teen in a boarding facility. They are concerned with environmental, social, academic, and safety issues. While no place on earth is completely perfect we have seriously taken these issues into account. Although we work with up to 40 students at a time we have tried to develop a campus atmosphere that is as close to the feel of home as is possible. All of our staff with the exception of our teachers lives on site. We are here to provide a constant feel of home and support. We eat, play, and interact with them through out the day to form relationships built on trust and accountability. We teach them respect for authority and try to display a strong sense of character. We instill the importance of family and strong mentors to help them as they pursue their goals in life. We provide many activities that reinforce these objectives. Whether it is enjoying a home cooked meal or playing a simple board game, teaching a business class, or doing chores, we keep in mind the transitioning back to home and how these skills will help make that a success.

While the building does not make a program successful it does help promote an atmosphere of learning and sense of community within the student. Many students return to visit our campus to reminisce of past experiences and friendships that were formed during there stay. Others may simple call to seek advise on important decisions they maybe facing. Our staff enjoys the opportunity to be involved with the growth and development of your teen, and it is always a joy to here of their successes as they move forward to start their families, and careers.
ABM Facility and grounds

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