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I sent DAngelo to ABM to help him mature and keep him safe from all the temptations around in a regular high school. He desperately needed a little bubble to keep him from making poor choices. His first six years of his life robbed him of so much. I feel ABM is giving him that safe environment to grow and mature. I see growth every visit. I also see the importance of him keeping in that safe environment. Socialization was never an issue for DAngelo.

A friend took him to a high school after hours today. He told me D'Angelo would have done fine in high school, but would have run me ragged. And that is why he is with you. I didn't want to wait for him to try drugs and alcohol or some other trouble. He had enough of that as a fetus then a young child. So now he needs time and he is getting it with you. So I want to thank you for giving me help and hope that DAngelo will make it. Thank you,
Chris E.

We are the parents of JJ, a 15 year old boy who has been living at ABM Lighthouse Christian Academy for over 2 years. He recently asked us if he can stay until he is 18 and graduates from high school. Obviously his request is an overwhelming testament to his experience at ABM. It is not an exaggeration to say that our family was saved by ABM. JJ was uncontrollable, aggressive, sneaky, dishonest, manipulative, and hateful. (After adopting him at age 2, we would later learn that he would be diagnosed with severe Reactive Attachment Disorder.) He terrorized his younger brother, despite our attempts to constantly monitor and separate them. He intentionally hurt the family pets and was violent toward us. As a couple, we were essentially living separate lives because of needing to keep JJ under 24/7 direct supervision and away from our youngest son. Our relationship suffered tremendously and any family life or normalcy was nonexistent. We had no friends and a social life was impossible. His out-of-control behavior had consumed our family. All of us, especially our youngest son, were living with daily trauma and fear that JJ would kill or seriously hurt one of us, as he often threatened.

To make a long story short, we tried everything to address and deal with JJ's issues and behaviors: Psychiatric Hospitalizations, wrap-around programs, private schooling because he was about to be kicked out of the public school, therapists, psychiatrists, medication, structured recreation/sports programs, immersing ourselves in education about Reactive Attachment Disorder and anything else we could think of or anything suggested to us, including having to call the police because of his bouts of uncontrollable behavior.

JJ's therapist suggested that we consider a residential option for JJ. We contacted several programs and were immediately most impressed with ABM. ABM has been an absolute blessing. The staff are skilled in dealing with behaviors like JJ's and have structured their program accordingly. We have found that everyone who works at ABM is very caring and compassionate and great role models. Yet, they understand how to deal with these kinds of behaviors and do so very successfully. The boys at ABM are held accountable for their behavior and rewarded with things that matter to them for responsible behavior. In addition, they participate in an excellent school program and many healthy, normal activities including chores, sports, picnics, games, music, crafts, trips, and more. None of that was possible when JJ lived at home.

JJ's grades are the best he has ever had. We have regular visits, exchange letters and have phone calls and his attitude is very different from the past; he is positive, calm, and respectful. JJ is not "cured" and his improvements have not gone in a straight line, but he is safe and protected from himself and his problems. He actually likes being at ABM and we couldn't be happier with his growth and the program. The staff are supportive of us and always treat us warmly, which helps us let go of our guilt and worry.
We highly recommend ABM.
JJ's grateful parents

I am a parent of one of the children at ABM Ministries. My son has been at ABM almost 3 years now. I searched and searched until I found ABM which was a blessing. I was having a terrible time with my 8th grade son.
ABM offered an affordable and safe place to help my child. I spoke to quite a few parents before placing my son at ABM and did not find one that didn't truly appreciate all the services they have to offer our children. A few families even sent more than one of their children there.

My son had to redo the 8th grade, complete the 9th and 10th grade and now is almost done with his 11th grade and should complete his senior year ahead of schedule. I honestly don't know what would have happened if I had not found ABM Ministries.
ABM Ministries shows our children structure, consequences for bad choices, teaches them right and wrong with structure, chores and schooling. The curriculum for school is done all year around which I think is important for our children.

If you have any questions and would like a raving recommendation, feel free to call me at any time.
Monica M.

I love God and how He can change lives, and only Him. It is truly in vain if we don’t allow him in to do it. Well we allowed Him in to do it with our son. March 2008, we knew that Joshua needed more. “Spiritual Discipleship”, he had quite a history…but we know God has a future and a hope for him. Even our middle son came to us and said “Joshua needs to be disciple, it was confirmation. We were fed up, scared and really just want Joshua to succeed and reach his full potential and it just wasn’t happening. So…for the 2-3rd time my husband and I went searching on the internet for help with troubled teens. Steve, my husband called ABM and talked to Larry and he did a brief screening and he took Joshua in, just as he was, like the “acceptance of Christ”.

Joshua has written us recently the most remarkable letter. The letter was like a prodigal son letter, a very sincere and deep letter of apology to the whole family. It was an answer to mine and my husbands prayer from the prodigal son parable in the Bible…”that he would come to his senses.” Joshua has been in 3 different residential treatments. And none of them had Joshua reaching levels of character and discipline, hard work, team work, athletics, scholastics and spiritual training like ABM.

It has been a financial sacrifice and I still wake up or have the thought are we wasting a bunch of money? But when we see him and hear him talk to us and the way he engages with such sincere respect it is worth it. To see his confidence and character change is a HUGE answer to prayer…I knew it was in there!! We miss him terribly, but it is such a huge comfort that Carmen, Larry, Beth and Reed love Joshua, with the love of Christ and family.
Momma Renee C.

I am the father of one of the young men at ABM. Austin started at ABM last January 5th. I remember the day well. Austin had just been expelled from his first residential school after 15 months there. Austin came home and spent the next month at home as our family went on a nationwide search for another residential school. We had only searched for Christian schools because we firmly believe that God is the most critical piece of the puzzle and that He must be the central part of any program for troubled teens.

My wife and I discovered a hand full of Christian residential schools. We began to call each school, describe our child’s problems and see what reaction the school would have. My wife and I also made a list of items that were important to us and then ranked them in the order of importance. We found this exercise very helpful in choosing between schools. My wife made the initial contacts with ABM with Mr. Larry. She had long talks with Mr. Larry about their program, his qualifications, the faith component of the program and many other details. I have learned to trust my wife’s instincts. She kept telling me that she feel that ABM was the right choice for Austin. She had the peace that Paul describes in Philippians 4:5-6.

As we reflect back on the last 10 months, I can truthfully say that we have been very pleased with the school, the staff and Austin’s progress. We have made 3 trips to visit Austin so we have started to develop a relationship with the staff and are very impressed with their commitment and dedication.
Jon & Cherie L.

My husband and I have been acquainted with ABM Ministries for about nine years. Our son attended the school nine years ago and our daughter is presently a student at ABM. Our experience with ABM has been a positive one. The way that ABM was originated and the way that it has grown throughout the years is a blessing to all who have benefited from the hard work of the founders of the school and all those who have worked diligently to build a fine Christian boarding school.

We believe that ABM provides a place where its students are able to finish growing mentally, physically and spiritually. There is an emphasis on the whole person with an excellent school, many varied and enjoyable physical activities, and intensive Bible study.

It is our opinion that ABM is a safe haven for troubled teens. The structured environment, clear boundaries and Biblically based way that the students are dealt with provide an alternative for teens that need a safe place to finish maturing and to focus on building a healthy, wholesome, and Godly life.
Rob & June

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