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While many individuals would love to help with Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, learning impaired teen issues the fact is it takes a special skill set to be able to work with teens that struggle. It is not enough to be able to teach certain subjects, or trade skills. The ability to counsel, or mentor is only part of the equation. It takes a strong commitment, consistency, love, instruction, and yes correction to help shape a life. In the 15 plus years of this ministry we have had a few staff that demonstrated a desire to help, but lacked the skill-set. This made it impossible for them to fulfill our goal as a ministry. Fortunately over the past 10 years God has sent to us a strong core group of men and women who have both. These are individuals who go beyond the mentally of having a job, to that of having an opportunity to impact a life for Christ. While they work long hours and make many personal sacrifices they do so with joy and happiness. It is a great privilege to offer to others the same help we received as young people. It is a sense of paying it forward if you think about it. Even if only one life were changed it would still all be worth the effort. To think that over the years since we started it has been thousands that we have been able to help get their lives back on track is simply a blessing. These young people even the ones who continue to struggle are the priceless jewels of life. They represent the future of our families and of our communities. Our staff is committed to put in the hard work to challenge these young teens to be all they can be and to focus on a future, were one day; "They too can pay it forward"!

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